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Opportunity (P)

Opportunity for change

Go digital and do better

Opportunity for change

Take your key management processes and automate them. Step into the digital world without paperwork.

Standardize the workflow and the management of your core operations, and reduce the cost and the time of implementation.

Digitization will also help you understand links and connections between individual activities.

Every organization, business or manufacturing company is constantly addressing the efficiency of its core activities. They try to standardize, automate, accelerate and reduce errors. They are looking for ways to achieve better results at lower costs. One way to meet these goals is through a quality system support. Sperling DXP is the right tool to help overcome such challenges.

Solving problems, meeting needs

Success through understanding

Solving problems, meeting needs

Digitalization and automation will reveal causes of process inefficiencies and reduce their error rate. DXP is not just a rich set of features; more importantly, it is a tool that will help you find your problems and satisfy your needs. With DXP, you will get credible and reliable information management information, on which you can build a knowledge-based decision-making process that will drive your continous improvement.

Yes, we have the solution. With Sperling DXP system support and our long-term experience we will help you reduce process inefficiencies and give you reliable real-time information. With us and the Sperling DXP platform, you will get the perfect view of your company's operations, the opportunity to make better decisions and most importantly, to continously improve.

Ready to deploy, ready to adapt

Security and reliability as a standard

Ready to deploy, ready to adapt

We build our solutions on the international standard of process modelling. We will create a bespoke process model in DXP to best suit your needs. And that's all set. No lengthy development is needed, because DXP adapts easily thanks to parameterization. We implement wisely and deploy in weeks, rather than months.

Sperling DXP builds on the industry standard of business process modelling. It is solution ready to serve its purpose without delay. The implementation is not complicated, and is based on your needs and on our analysis, which is where our collaboration begins. We do not wish to put a strain your resources, which is why we can perform the analysis (with your cooperation), and deploy DXP in a matter of weeks. DXP is a tool that you will enjoy to use, and a helper you will not want to be without.

Solid partnership and experience

Many hands make light work!

Solid partnership and experience

It is always your project first; we respect your perspective and your needs. To this we add our knowledge and experience. We create bridges between your wishes and reality. The project success is based on good mutual understanding. This is not the first time we have done this, after all.

With over 25 years in the field, we combine experience with expertise, and reliability with robustness. Sperling DXP solutions are based on our premium consulting services that place a thorough understanding of your needs as the top priority. Technology is the tool, and your trust in our quality services is the path to meeting your expectations.

Take full advantage of DXP benefits

In comfort

In comfort

Process digitalization is tied closely to production automation in the field of control. A user-friendly and intuitive environment will give you comfort while the precise and error-free algorithm will drive the process.



Knowing and making decisions based on accurate, credible and timely information - that is the opportunity created by digitalisation. Only a system-supported management provides such reliability.



Valuable knowledge and experience packaged with a pre-configured platform that adapts to your company's needs with just a few clicks of the mouse - a guarantee of a successful deployment.



DXP is not just another workflow tool. It is a link between systems. With DXP, a process in one system can start or respond to a process in another system. Or they can share the data. The possibilities are without bounds.

So what do you say?

Customer success: Čepro

Before we started using the BPMN-based process digitalization and management, we approved the deliveries and invoices at our Credit Committee through a lengthy and disorganized manual system of emails and attachments. The state of the progress was frequently unclear, and sometimes we even had to start all over again.

Čepro, a.s.
Customer success: JmK

By modeling and digitizing the property replacement process and the assessments of the directors of the contributory organisations of our Region, we have obtained a comprehensive understanding about the starting and ending points of the process and the important procedural details. We also clarified the dependencies and significantly trimmed and streamlined everything. The result is a much more effective process and the ability to take various alternative courses of action, if necessary.

The South Moravian Region
Customer success: Your company?

This could be your team and your opportunity for a more effective real-time process management, higher data quality and reliability, lower error rates, and informed decision-making derived from current information.

Your company?

Figures do not lie...


The BPMN industry process modelling standard is the cornerstone of DXP. And according to Gartner, 95% of BPM projects are successful.


According to Forrester Research, BPMS projects can increase your productivity by up to 50%.


DXP can handle hundreds of real-time users and thousands of running process in dozens of agendas.

1 + 10

Yes, that is true! For each customer, we have prepared a FREE package with 1 licence for your selected process and 10 users in the full version.

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